Building the Capability to Win, and Win Again

Improving Sales Force Capability and Motivation

Interactive Sales Force Workshops and Seminars: If Sales Loss Analysis, or other reliable sources of information point to learning which would make your Sales Force more effective, City Square can develop action oriented workshops lasting from one-half to two days, focusing on topics like:

Shaping proposals
Other sales activities

The important thing is to allow salespeople to learn by doing. With practice and coaching, your salespeople can make immediate use of what you have learned about customers and the marketplace, versus simply reading and thinking about it!
In addition, we will provide practice during the workshop for your sales management team, so that they can support new skills and behavior with effective coaching in the field.

Sales Force Performance Management and Compensation City Square has an extensive background in the tools used to focus, energize and motivate a high performance Sales Force. It is more than the money. It is about the environment in which the salesperson lives and works every day, the support that they get in reaching their goals, their perception of fairness in how they and others are treated and the quality of management, product offerings and the company they work for. Using a holistic perspective, which addresses performance systems, feedback, compensation mix, incentive linkages and overall system complexity, City Square can review current systems, processes and practices, develop program alternatives which dovetail with elements of the current system that are working, and support implementation and rollout.

Sales Force Organization Design Sometimes the way the Sales Force is organized has fallen out of alignment with markets, customer expectations, geographic shifts, requirements for specialization, changes in product lines or other factors. These changes are often subtle at first, until the day that someone says THIS ORGANIZATION IS BROKEN!

Preparing an organization that has to continue to do business every day for fundamental change is a delicate and hazardous undertaking. The City Square team can bring years of successful experience to bear on a change process that will build acceptance along the way, and reduce disruptions to a minimum. We know that organization design is not about lines and boxes, it is about people: the Sales Force, their Managers and your Customers. We treat them with dignity and respect, in the full knowledge that when the change is done, they have to make it work.

Addressing Marketplace Issues

Strategic Sales Analysis Some problems uncovered in Sales Loss Analysis cannot be fixed by tweaking the offering or revving up the Sales Force. There may be fundamental issues in how the company has chosen to go to market that need to be addressed. Examples include responding to channel shifts, dealing with the market entry of substitutes or "rule breaking" competitors, addressing territory or vertical market issues or undertaking a change in the sales organization structure.

Competitor Analysis Knowing what your competitors are saying when you "share" a prospective customer is critical. Finding out what they are saying is tough. Although some good information on competitors can be generated during Sales Loss Analysis, a deeper probe is sometimes warranted. City Square can shape a competitive analysis study to meet your needs. It will focus on the things that will make a difference, arming your Sales Force to go to the market fully aware of what may be said by the person who got there before them, or the person that follows them. They will become the trusted source for the prospect, and will be positioned to be the last person they talk to before buying.

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