Does this sound familiar?
"We were one day from closing the sale, only to find out they went with one of our competitors."
"Everyone loved us, but they chose someone else."
"We've come in "second" so many times."
"Lots of great leads, but not enough sales that close."
City Square’s SALES LOSS ANALYSIS Will Get The Answers
How often have you heard the expression “What about NO is it that you don’t understand?” The answer, surprisingly, is “Quite a lot.”

Sometimes the “no” is a failure to return our calls. Other times it is, “Well, I wanted you guys, but someone else blah, blah, blah.” And often it is a vague, embarrassed response that leaves us wondering “what do they REALLY mean?”

City Square’s Sales Loss Analysis will cut through the vagueness, and provide clear, concrete answers about what went wrong on the way to a sale. Was it the offering? Was it the price? Was it a lack of chemistry between the salesperson and the prospective customer? Or was it something that we would not and could not know because we have built up defenses that don’t let us hear it?

Approaching the “lost customer” with a clear mind, and no agenda other than listening well, City Square’s team will ask the questions that get to the real issues. We will hear the answers, and ask for clarification and specific examples in the dispassionate way that only a 3rd party can.

We will ask each interviewee the same questions in a consistent manner, yielding an understanding beyond anecdotes and conventional wisdom. We’ll conduct analyses to see which potential customer groups answer the questions in a similar way. We’ll identify the “exceptions”, and see what they tell us.

We’ll provide not just findings, but implications and clear recommendations, so that you can take the actions needed to get sales back on track.

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