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Mal Watlington, President
Mal Watlington is a management consultant to senior leadership around the world. Based on years of big-ticket sales success, ranging from $100K+ manufacturing systems to multi-year consulting engagements for CSC Index and Accenture LLP, he shares hard-learned lessons of what went right and what went wrong in key selling situations. In addition, he has designed national sales organizations and has led collaborative sales compensation projects. He has held leadership positions in manufacturing, technology and consulting firms. As a consultant he has enabled client organizations in pharmaceuticals, financial services, public utilities and the staffing industry transform their organizations for improved top line and bottom line results.

Today Mal is President of City Square Consulting, Inc., a specialty consulting firm focused on sales process optimization, lost sales research and salesforce performance development. He is a frequent public speaker at national industry conferences, and has run workshops on organizational performance improvement in the US, Europe and Australia.