Sales Loss Analysis
What Will Sales Loss Analysis Do For Your Organization?
Sales Loss Analysis will enable you to:

See emerging changes in the marketplace early enough to correct course

Identify Sales Force performance issues, in time to salvage high potential sales people and their customers

Separate important market trends from "spikes"

Learn what your most formidable competitors are up to

Find out if the language of the buyer is the same language you are using to sell

Find out what you need to do to close more sales

Sales Loss Analysis can benefit your company, if your average sale is $50,000+, your sales cycle is a month or more, your company's annual revenues are at least $5,000,000 and you want to see that number GROW.

 How We Work With You: A Methodology with Principles
City Square begins engagements with a discovery process that involves senior leadership and the sales force. As the organization's leaders begin to explore recent successes and lost sales opportunities, informed by first-person data from the field, a set of hypotheses are formed about the root causes of the current situation. These hypotheses are the foundation for the key questions that are at the heart of the engagement.

A set of principles drive every engagement:

Before asking a question, we will determine whether positive action could result from the answer.

When "truth" is uncovered, we will test whether what we have learned can be generalized (e.g. recognize market segments).

We believe that successful implementation depends on early involvement of those who will be called on to take action ...senior management, customer service, the sales force and anyone else whose actions will touch the customer or client.

A project should take no more time than necessary from start to finish. Action is the goal, not research.

We hold promises of confidentiality sacred.

Your improved top line results are what counts.

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